Baby Water



Alpe water is the medium where all life processes occur. It makes three qurters of the newborns body and 70% of childs body. The water is the key to growth and overall health. It is a key factor to digestion, apsorption, transport and use of nutritients. Alpe water also acts as a coolant of our body transporting heath to the surface where our skin evaporates is in a form of sweat. If a body has not enough liquid, we dehidrate.

Alpe water is essential for our nutrition. It is the most important nutritient and as such it is important in lactation, milk formula, water, various drinks and solid food depending on the age.

Total daily consumption for newborn is 60 to 100ml/kg of body weight. Newborns fed with netural food satisfy the necessity for liquids by breast feeding, but during hot summer days or if they a febrile they need to be offered Alpe water. Newborns fed with adopted milk formula need more water. Newborns can drink Alpe water as of second week.

Does your child drink enough water?

Children have different metabolism from growups. They sweat a lot less but their body temperature can rise faster. Often children do not drink enough water. If a child is physically active, they need to double their water intake. A child must be offered a glass of water before they feel thirst, because thirst means the lack of water.

Increased need for water is caused by:

  • high fever due to illness or infection
  • hot weather
  • Physical activity